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  1. Sheep
    hello, It looks like one our ewes has been going into labor for the past few days. Her udder filled over two weeks ago, in the past week her vagina has stretched. both are normal signs of pregnancy and getting near lambing. in the past week she has had multiple mucus discharges (again this is...
  2. Sheep
    I'm about to take on 10 Dorper ewes (from one homestead) and 1 Dorper/Katahdin ram (from a different homestead) this week. I've been reading online and people say not to keep dorper rams with the flock year round if you want to avoid having out-of-season lambs. I really would prefer to keep them...
  3. Sheep
    I'm a sheep meat breeder, and I have been for many years. I have Katadhin American Blackbelly herd and I had some bottle babies last year that are oddly bonded to me and I want to make sure they're okay when they lamb. I heard that walking pregnant animals can help their birthing process, is...
  4. Sheep
    Hi, I’m new on here and I can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong with one of my lambs. I went out to feed and noticed this lamb looked bloated so the next day gave her some baking soda and water as well as some mineral oil. Also gave her a belly massage to put some pressure on her sides. I ran...
  5. Sheep
    I found these a while back. This guy was a shepherd of very large flocks in the UK for many years. I think he has a lot of great information to share. He has a whole series of these. Check them out.
1-5 of 5 Results