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  1. Sheep
    4 wk old bottle lamb with bad scours. it started two days ago, there was mucus with blood instead of his normal poop. Its been less mucusy but is dark brown and the lamb seems to be acting a little down. He is getting over frostbite and his back foot is falling off as well as an ear tip but we...
  2. Sheep
    I have a newborn ram lamb here its got a red and bleeding umbilicall cord. Its ears and hooves and body are cold so we think his mom left him he was by himself with the herd(its ten degrees out now) His right ear is REALLY swollen so I think he got stepped on. He is currently not moving except...
  3. Sheep
    Hey everyone! I’m buying a new ram this year and have found a babydoll cross ram lamb. His dad is baby doll and mom is crossbreed (looks like maybe some Dorset in her, she’s pure white) . What I’m wondering is if I breed this ram lamb to my ewes who are not small by any means, will the lambs be...
  4. Sheep
    We recently started using a new lamb and kid milk replacer. It is medicated and the active drug ingredient is decoquinate. One of our orphaned lambs has started having seizures anytime he drinks milk. He is still eager to eat and he seems healthy. He has never had this problem before. If anyone...
  5. Sheep
    I had a lamb born today blind in his left eye and with shorter left legs than the right ones. He's hobbling around right now and nurses, but can they adapt to survive like this comfortably? Or is it better to just have him put down?
  6. Sheep
    I have a four week old orphan lame that bloats about every three or four days. I have been treating him with baking soda water but need to know if there’s something I can do to keep him from bloating. He is on milk replacer and cane hay.
  7. Goats
    LGD puppies - Available January - expecting litter of 10-12 pups. Anatolian/Akbash/Great Pyrenees/Maremma For those of you who are not familiar with LGD's, below is a bit of information. These are ancient breeds that have been around for 1000's of years as working dogs, protecting and living...
1-7 of 7 Results