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  1. Pigs
    Hi i posted this thread yesterday but it never actually posted for some reason. not sure why it would need approval since its just a simple question about feritlity. figured id try to post it again. hi there i was thinking of buying an adult kunekune boar and found one that fits the bill but is...
  2. Pigs
    oooh boy. we've been keeping all our 7 and 8 month old piglets together since we had read they wont go into heat til around then anyway and its cold out we wanted to keep them together for warmth. i know we had actually pushed it a little long and meant to separate a few weeks ago but just hadnt...
  3. Pigs
    I figured I would post this since is it always interesting to see how crosses of different breeds do. This was an interesting one. We ended up with Kunekune X Mangalitsa crosses this year. We got 2 very healthy gilt pigs at 8 weeks old in April and had them butchered on the November 1st. Live...
1-3 of 3 Results