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  1. Cattle
    Hello! I am looking to purchase 2 or 3 Jersey Or Guernsey Cows in North Carolina. If they are crossed with holstein, that's fine. Just looking for Some family millers, I'd really love some that will take extra calves too.
  2. Cattle
    My husband and I are looking for our first milk cow. It is just the two of us so we don't need or want a large cow with huge amounts of milk. I would prefer a mini jersey or dexter/jersey cross (Belfair). I am having a hard time finding anything out her in Southern California. We are in...
  3. Cattle
    Compared to a jersey how much cream does a milking shorthorn produce. Just purchased 10 bred heifers of purebred milking shorthorns. We milk jerseys. Never milked a shorthorn. thanks in advanced.
  4. Homesteading Questions
    My 3 year old Jersey cow had her calf 5 days ago. I have been leaving mama and baby together the whole time and bringing mom in first thing in the morning to milk. She has one quarter that’s damaged from previous owners not handling a bad case of mastitis. I am only getting 2 quarts a day out of...
  5. Dairy
    Hi everyone. Our family has a Jersey and in November she had her second calf. We've been milking her successfully twice a day, but due to circumstances had to dry her off about 2 months ago on June. We saw a reduction in milk and she has not had any symptoms that would make us think she has...
  6. Cattle
    I have posted this on another site, but I thought people here may have more suggestions, and/or may have had this problem in the past. I raise sheep, and have zero experience with cows. I bought a "weaned" Jersey heifer on July 8th. Supposedly, she was eating plenty of grain, and had been off...
1-6 of 6 Results