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  1. Cooking
    Here is a little video I made for those that think you can't BBQ wild hog.
  2. Homestead Construction
    Hi folks, We have people building their places here, some doing it themselves, others using sub-contractors, some using kits and all manners & methods in between. A Question I have heard or seen several times is "Can I do it on my own ?" the answer is YES ! I've done it, others here have or...
  3. Cleaning and Organizing
    My apologies to anyone offended. - I was not aware I was in violation of the rules with this post. One of the admins let me know, so I just deleted the content of this post (I'm an old guy and was trying to find a button to simply delete the post entirely but couldn't find one).
  4. Cooking
    Last year I cured some wild hog meat for hams and it turned out great. Back in February, a man called me to see if I wanted a big sow he shot. I said yes (I hate wasting good meat). She was huge. Weighed maybe 250lb. She was also the fattest wild hog I had ever seen. So I decided to cure...
1-4 of 4 Results