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  1. Need advice on best place to start a homestead

    General Chat
    Hello everyone. We currently live in Ashville, AL. but we are looking to move in the next 5 years so we can be completely off grid and self sustained. I need y'alls advice on the best area to homestead but one of my must haves on the list is great daughter is in elementary school...
  2. Need advice on the best place to start a homestead.

    Homesteading Questions
    Hello everyone. We currently live in Ashville, AL. but we are looking to move in the next 5 years so we can be completely off grid and self sustained. I need y'alls advice on the best area to homestead but one of my must haves on the list is great daughter is in elementary school...
  3. Smoked Utah Swamp Salmon AKA Common Carp

    I jokingly call it Utah Swamp Salmon, because it honestly tastes as good as salmon or trout! I’ve tested this theory with friends and family who to this day, still have no idea they tried smoked carp! Seriously, if you prepare it properly from the moment you catch them you’ll end up with a...
  4. 15 Minute Thai Lemongrass Basil Catfish Dinner

    Online Recipe Book
    Absolutely one of the easiest, tastiest and hardy catfish dinners! Best part? Only takes 15 minutes!!!! Hardest part will be getting the kitchen pass to go catch some Catfish, but after they try this once...I’ll guarantee they will be asking for more! It’s even kid approved here on the...
  5. Top 3 Ways To Preserve Green Beans - Lacto-fermented, Pickled and Canned

    Preserving the Harvest
    Fresh green beans from the garden can’t be beat, but second best is preserving them and having them with a hot dinner on a cold winter day! Canned green beans will last for years, pickled will last up to a year and lacto fermentation will allow you to store your green beans up to 6-8 months...
  6. New homestead in Nevada

    Real Estate
    I have 40 acres in valmy Nevada and would like a couple people to come and join me in forming a community it’s 2 hours away from Reno You could bring a mobile home or even to start on property and slowly develop it planning on starting agriculture in April and farm animals in march This is my...
  7. Who has actually done it??

    Homesteading Questions
    Just curious to know how many of you actually up and left the rat race and moved to the country to homestead? What was your biggest mistake/regret?
  8. Chicken Coop Build

    Would anybody be interested in sharing what their coop looks like? I built my own from scratch and would really like everybody else to show theirs off. I love seeing the different styles. here is mine! If anybody is interested, I have a video tour on my blog. here is the link...
  9. J. Daniel Walker from Western Kentucky

    Homesteading Questions
    Great to be a part of the forum!
  10. a plan to get started on homesteading

    Homesteading Questions
    Of all the books I have read the best big picture book was by Ed Robinson and his wife. The Have More Plan. Written as a series of magazine articles way back in the late 40's which was eventually compiled into a small book the size of a large format magazine. It has surely spurred my thinking on...
  11. Make a Rubber Stamp with Your Logo

    My apologies to anyone offended. - I was not aware I was in violation of the rules with this post. One of the admins let me know, so I just deleted the content of this post (I'm an old guy and was trying to find a button to simply delete the post entirely but couldn't find one).
  12. How to buy land when you do not havemuch money. Folks who have ALSO done this, please add your story

    Homesteading Questions
    My husband's Uncle said it best: "Every time you fill the tank of your car, put an equal amount in savings. That way when you need a new car the money will be there. And, if you do not have enough money to do this, stay home. Every time people go to town they spend money.". Now, my Husband's...
  13. Hello from Idaho

    Hi there! I'm Bex. I'm an Idaho girl, born and bred, and I'm interested in homesteading/sustainability for so many reasons - number one being the environment - and I can't wait to be out of my awful apartment and into a home of my own so I can realize my full potential!
  14. Overwhelmed mama in Georgia...any tips on working towards a homestead?

    Homesteading Questions
    I'll try to make this short so I don't have you reading a novel. As of now, both my husband and I are working 35+ hours a week. On top of working, I homeschool my daughter. We live in a mobile home park. We moved here from Florida 2 years ago. I started my job about 3 months ago. I've always...
  15. Homestead life is easy ?

    Homesteading Questions
    Hello I want to know about homestead life, Can anybody please explain its easy or not ?
  16. Thoughts on tractor

    Home Gardens, Market Gardens, and Commercial Crops
    I am looking at buying a tractor for my property for the use of farm and other random digging needs etc etc, I have looked at many brands and have come down to mahindra or massey ferguson as the choice. It will be a "light" tractor the massey model is GC1715. Whatever i get i want a front end...
  17. Where can I find up to date information on homesteading?

    Homesteading Questions
    Suggest me.
  18. Anyone interested in being part of a homesteading community?

    Countryside Families
    About a year and a half ago my family bought and moved to a secluded piece of land in NH. There was no electric even close to the homestead and no water except from a pond. We brought our rv to live in as we build and we put in a well. We started with generator power and added solar. Soon we...
  19. Teaching Homesteading in the Suburbs

    Work-at-Home Business
    We have an ~ 1 acre lot in the suburbs and homestead on 1/4 of it. We have chickens and 7, 50 foot garden beds filled with veggies and cut flowers. My husband and I are, by no means, experts. However, it has been a bumpy road as we learn to do most of it without the assistance of a mentor or...
  20. Hello from the Missouri Ozarks

    Hi. I'm really glad I found this forum! We are just starting out with our little farm. So far, we have 6 chicks and 5 Muscovy ducklings, one puppy, and a cat with 2 kittens. We moved here about 2 years ago, and it has been a really rough start. Looking forward to some encouragement from fellow...