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  1. Future Homesteaders

    Hello from sunny Arizona. We're originally from Chicago, but living in Arizona for the last 10 years. We recently purchased an acre in Williams, AZ close to Valle, AZ. Currently researching for our future move to the land. Looking to connect with others in the area, and hoping to learn from...
  2. 80 Acres with water rights

    Real Estate
    I have 80 acres with water rights in southern New Mexico, newly updated electric, domestic well in use. Located off main highway, Irrigation well needs work, dry pond used to be used for irrigation and fishing, small shed, and a new pressure tank. Clean slate to start the homestead of your...
  3. Brittany from NH- hey to you!

    Hi! From my title I’m sure you gathered that I’m Brittany from New Hampshire. I currently live in central New Hampshire, a little too urban for my taste, but hey you do what you can for the time. I currently grow my own veggies, fish for dinner and also harvest/eat delicious game like...
  4. my new YT channel

    i've been playing with YT since 2001...i've lost channels and deleted several channels. recently i bought land in arkansas and this will add the possibility of meeting other homesteaders; many are family-centered. so i became aware of the fact that i probably should close my channel and start...
  5. Which tract for my new homestead?

    Real Estate
    I really like what I see so far. I have watched this farm for sale for some time now. I can't buy the whole farm but the tracts have now been subdivided into manageable blocks of 23 - 37 acres and each include some woodland. The 5+ acre tract and the 2 acre tract are a little too small for my...
  6. Mature man, fairly prepped - - -

    Survival & Emergency Preparedness
    From a mini-farm in the 'outback' of Maine - - - I don't know why it is so hard to find someone to share prepping with ? I am designed to partner with a woman and the lack of which seems like a hole in my life, an impediment . I (waste ?) way too much time and effort trying to find someone...
  7. Mature man fairly prepped on mini-farm in the 'outback' of Maine

    Country Singletree
    I don't know why it is so hard to find someone to share with ? I am designed to partner with a woman and the lack of which seems like a hole in my life, an impediment . I (waste ?) way too much time and effort trying to find someone compatible . I recently found someone intelligent and...
  8. thx for your input/insight

    Homesteading Questions
    ok, i seriously do appreciate all the comments i've received regarding my threads asking about tractors...i really don't think i will need one on a daily basis...especially considering the purchase cost and maintenance costs...i'm guessing i'll have similar issues with tractors that i have with...
  9. New homestead in Nevada

    Real Estate
    I have 40 acres in valmy Nevada and would like a couple people to come and join me in forming a community it’s 2 hours away from Reno You could bring a mobile home or even to start on property and slowly develop it planning on starting agriculture in April and farm animals in march This is my...
  10. What Christmas Brings

    One year and a weekish ago I left a soggy Washington state for open my world new life in Nevada. The job was in Nipton Ca. And I fell in love with the Mojave Desert!! I plan on building my gypsy wagon asap. And homesteading in Searchlight or as close. I'm currently addicted to "Homestead Rescue"...
  11. Homesteading in Detroit completely off grid

    Homesteading Questions
    Two years ago our family began struggling to pay our bills and decided to go off grid with what little money we had saved. We ended up purchasing a vacant block around the corner from our home,installing our solar panels and set up shop in our rv on our new land. Now, we have become a non-profit...
  12. Hello from Nova Scotia and NewBrunswick

    Hi everyone. Born and raised in Nova Scotia I lived most of my adult life in NewBrunswick. Semi retired I now am back and forth from Nova Scotia and NewBrunswick. At present I am trying to reclaim my wife's old homestead. It's a beautiful peace of property about 25 acres overlooking a...
  13. Homestead Project Nova Scotia

    Homestead Construction
  14. Chicken Coop Build

    Would anybody be interested in sharing what their coop looks like? I built my own from scratch and would really like everybody else to show theirs off. I love seeing the different styles. here is mine! If anybody is interested, I have a video tour on my blog. here is the link...
  15. Land in VT

    Real Estate
    Looking to find land to homestead in VT. Aim is to find at least ~10 acres, some building on site may be ideal (a cabin, etc) but not absolutely necessary. Thus far been using Craigslist, increasingly Zillow, (also VT Land Link but tends to be large and expensive established farms). Any...
  16. Has anyone had chance to inspect one of these?

    Homestead Construction
    I was looking at how some folk were building (for themselves or to sell to others) cabins of various sizes using shipping containers, and ran across this: Has anyone seen and had chance to inspect one of these hunting cabins from this...
  17. Does your homestead look pretty?

    General Chat
    Is your homestead "picture perfect?" Are you okay with it not looking like it belongs in a magazine?
  18. Newbie from Illinois

    Hello all My name is Gigi and I am from IL born and raised in the Quad Cities. I lived in Alabama for 10 years and came home 2 years ago. My Fiancee and I recently purchased property I used to own in Mercer County, IL. We have 2 1/2 acres near a river and we just had the...
  19. Homestead for sale in Ferrum, VA (24088), 14.49ac, home, barn, creek, etc

    Real Estate
    Ready to start homesteading? In Southern Virginia. This place is READY TO GO, the infrastructure is all there: home, barn, spring-fed creek, driveway, clean well, electricity, internet. Very private but not isolated. Just needs some TLC. For multiple reasons we cannot do it anymore and are...