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    Great to be a part of the forum!
  2. Homesteading Questions
    I'll try to make this short so I don't have you reading a novel. As of now, both my husband and I are working 35+ hours a week. On top of working, I homeschool my daughter. We live in a mobile home park. We moved here from Florida 2 years ago. I started my job about 3 months ago. I've always...
  3. Real Estate
    We have built a home in a sustainable community on a lake in Oklahoma. There are five families here. They are all Torah observant. Where can I post to see if there are any others here on this forum site that are looking to be a part of community by buying their own homestead? The homestead up...
  4. Introductions
    Hi. I'm really glad I found this forum! We are just starting out with our little farm. So far, we have 6 chicks and 5 Muscovy ducklings, one puppy, and a cat with 2 kittens. We moved here about 2 years ago, and it has been a really rough start. Looking forward to some encouragement from fellow...