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  1. Help with rabbits!

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    Hi. My family is new to breeding rabbits. We have 4 bucks and 5 does. I bred all five does and they all had 3 fall offs but none of them have had any kits! No signs nothing! None are nesting or pulling hair. All they do is poop and pee in the boxes. 3 females are about a year old and the other 2...
  2. Is addressing problems common?

    Homesteading Questions
    i got a little piece of dirt paid for now...just north of Evening Shade,'s a walk-around video, ( 15min of me huffing, puffing and rambling )...and as a update; not a peep from anybody about a HOA/POA but i haven't been able to get a street address AND i've had several question me...
  3. Hello from NC

    Hi! My name is Anisha. I'm kinda new to all this and willing to learn. My goals aren't necessarily to "Live off Grid" but I'd like to be able to fall back to off grid living if/when the STHTF. I'm the mother of 4, all grown but one. My husband isn't as "into" it as he likes to say, so I...