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  1. Home Defense/Guns
    Just took a big sow the other day, probably around 300 lbs, took three men to get it into the UTV. Ballistic results confirm what many of us see as common sense: Take hogs with a large caliber, not a 223, unless you're real close or run an alternative AR caliber that hits harder. The 300 HAM'R...
  2. Pigs
    Got a 250lb sow today, tearing up our deer feeder area. She's skinned, quartered, gutted etc, on ice in coolers. Local folklore holds that one should pour salt on fresh feral hog meat and let it sit for a few days. We're not too keen on the added sodium, but also have heard that aging the meat...
  3. Cooking
    Here is a little video I made for those that think you can't BBQ wild hog.
  4. Homesteading Questions
    We are semi-new to the pig raising "business". We newly acquired 3 Wessex pigs about a week ago. Two of them are around 60-70 lbs and one is about 125 lbs. They are all females. Well, last night one of the smaller ones dig under the fence (which is actually buried in the ground some) and got out...
1-4 of 4 Results