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  1. Simple Hydrosol

    Alternative Health
    Hydrosols are a gentle method to infuse your life with the essential oils of herbs. Both low-cost and easily created, hydrosols offer a “gateway” to the synergy of herbs and water. SUPPLIES: Large pot with appropriate lid. Jar rack or something similarly heat resistant to stand the smaller...
  2. Spring Allergy Fighter Tea

    Alternative Health
    Spring is springing! At least in some places. And in those places there will inevitably be people who are affected by spring allergies. Let’s all do our part to help them fight it! Share this recipe with them, make it for them, or make it for yourself! INGREDIENTS: 1 Tablespoon Dried Stinging...
  3. My Favorite Sleepy-time Tincture

    Alternative Health
    Just updated my blog and thought I'd share the extra content with everybody here! Downloadable PDF recipe and instructions to make your own Sleepy-Time Tincture! You can find my post >>HERE<< Hope everyone is doing okay! Sleep well!
  4. My Definitive Use Pain Salve

    Alternative Health
    We all have to deal with pain management at sometime or later, and so I thought I’d share with y’all my favorite go-to recipe for just that sort of issue! It’s good for muscle aches, back pain, joint pain, arthritis flare ups, and nerve pains. I’ve lifted it straight out of my own notebook...