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  1. Poultry
    Where can I buy Spent Hens at in NC ?
  2. Poultry
    Has anyone here given up and just left them loose inside your barn...? Ours have a small coop but prefer to have run of the barn. I think ours would be quieter if we just kept them out. Any thoughts on managing your flock of crazies? I'm almost to the point I don't care if something eats them...
  3. Poultry
    Hi all, I am thinking about getting a rooster to add in with my 6 laying hens. I have 3 barred rocks, and 3 rhode island reds. If I got a barred rock rooster, would the cross-breed between it and the rhode island hen be okay for my flock? Would there be any complications, or would it matter at...
  4. Poultry
    For those that are breeding their hens do you have any suggestions to improve egg quality? I'm noticing on the incubated chicks some are slow to hatch, fail to break thru or deformed. I'm currrently feeding a laying ration but was wondering what else I could add to make sure parents (rooster and...
1-4 of 4 Results