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  1. OHIO Please HELP!

    Homesteading Questions
    My wife and I, along with our 1 (now almost 4) year old, 2 long hair chihuahuas and hairless cat, packed up our ford focus and drove cross country from Vegas to Cleveland wanting to have a more family-oriented life and community. We moved here to be closer to Canada (where my wife is from)...
  2. Canna Lily (Canna Rose) HELP

    Gardening & Plant Propagation
    I was transplanting my canna to a bigger pot and I broke the top of the step and the top bloom. Im not sure if it will grow new blooms or if I've damaged the plant for good. Anyone know what i should do? Should i splice? Can i grow a new plant from the bloom?
  3. Week old baby goat refusing bottle

    hello I have a week old baby doe here. I got her about 3 days ago. She has been getting goat milk from one of my other does 4 times a day. 6-8 ounces worth. She has taken the bottle good till now. She has not eaten since 6 am , over 18 hours ago. She doesn't want to drink, but is still...
  4. Please help my chicken with swelling around her eye

    One of my chooks has developed swelling around only one of her eyes. It has been there for around 12 days now. Here is a summary of info that I think could be pertinent (or at least these are things I think I would wonder about if someone was asking me for advice about a sick chicken) 1)...

    HELP! Our goat ate some staples and we don't know what to do! She's about 5-6yrs old, she might be pregnant (but not showing signs yet so we're not 100% sure). Does anyone know what to do? We can't afford the drop a lot of money on a vet bill.
  6. Goat having birthing issues

    Hello all. I have a pygmy goat who when I purchased her I didn't know she was pregnant. After I realized it I did research and found some helpful info, but today she is giving birth she had one earlier with some problems but was able to push her out. She's got a twin in there with one leg poking...
  7. mucus like stuff in milk?

    This is an update to the last post. I went out to the field today and one side of her bag was huge, the only way I can explain it was like two basketballs fused together but only one is inflated. I got her to the house and felt her udder and it was hard like a rock. I couldn't get anything out...
  8. Just got a 8 week old rabbit, and he wont eat. help!

    so i decided i was going to start raising rabbits as livestock a few years ago , and finally set it into motion this year .. i bought my doe on the 14th of march and then i got my buck just a few days ago, on the 23rd .. wanted to make sure they weren't litter mates by getting them on the same...
  9. Bloating 4week old orphan lamb.

    I have a four week old orphan lame that bloats about every three or four days. I have been treating him with baking soda water but need to know if there’s something I can do to keep him from bloating. He is on milk replacer and cane hay.
  10. Need help please!! Duck attacked

    Last night something got into my coop and killed one of my chickens and severely injured one of my ducks. The gentleman at the feed mill said he probably wont make it due to his injuries. What can i do to help him? I refuse to accept that he wont make it
  11. Signature questions

    HomesteadingToday Announcements & Support
    I'm curious why the signatures don't show when we are logged out. We can see other things that I would imagine would be visible to users only - like who likes which post - but not the signatures. It's just that I like seeing people's signatures before I join a site because it gives me a feel...
  12. Terrier keeps squishing killing newborn puppies

    Working and Companion Animals
    my 5 year old momma dog had 14 puppies and we are Down to 9 i have tried everything possible the whelping box is pretty large, we even tried setting sides but then she will try to squeeze into that very small area where the puppies are and she will step on them and squish them she got up once...
  13. We are new to homesteading, looking for advice.

    Homesteading Questions
    We moved from Pittsburgh Pa to the mountains of WV. We plan on starting a small farm here and if anyone has any tips please feel free to give them.
  14. Help! Border collies terrorizing horses and chickens

    Working and Companion Animals
    Hi everyone, I have two 8 month old border collies who, whenever they are let out, either run straight to the chicken coop or beeline to the horse pasture, and nearly give the animals heart attacks! They jump up and bang against the mesh wire on our chicken coop, run circles around it barking...
  15. Belarus 405

    Shop Talk
    So to kick off; I know MOST people have an opinion on Belarus tractors being trash, but lets not go there. I picked one up for the right price. Belarus 405 65HP but on a huge frame; Oil cooled, Same stats as a 420 but this ones all in russian, not an MSK english convert. 3 active hydraulic...
  16. Small black bugs in house

    Homesteading Questions
    Hello Recently I've noticed tiny bugs moving slowly in our bathrooms and kitchen, I've seen a few dead ones on the side of the bathtub, and on the floors with a few of them stuck to the back of the carpets. I managed to take a picture of one on a towel, picture linked below. I'm not sure if this...
  17. turning duck eggs

    We have read numerous articles about wood duck eggs and stopped turning on day 19 but looks like they are all at different stages. Should I start turning again or will it hurt them. Thanks
  18. Balance And Burdens Of Start-Up Homesteading

    Countryside Families
    Hey Friends, First off let me confess I'm tired and struggling. Not every day is like this, but I wanted to start this thread to see where others are at in their journey. We're in our 50's and the kids are grown and gone (one's in Heaven). Family relations live far away and neighboring farms...
  19. Tell me if im on the right track to homesteading

    Homesteading Questions
    Im 17 And I want to homestead in Alaska. I already in a way have a urban homestead I have been growing fruits and vegtables for the past 4+ years so I could say for my area and climate I have a good greenthumb. Aprox. 8 months ago I got chickens for eggs and have had them ever since. I just...
  20. HELP! Pig foaming at mouth

    Homesteading Questions
    We are semi-new to the pig raising "business". We newly acquired 3 Wessex pigs about a week ago. Two of them are around 60-70 lbs and one is about 125 lbs. They are all females. Well, last night one of the smaller ones dig under the fence (which is actually buried in the ground some) and got out...