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  1. How-To Threads of the past
    i want to incorporate a rocket stove into my cabin design...i want to use rigid ceramic board as the primary building material i want to use it for heat and winter cooking...maybe heat water as well...i've watched quite few YT videos...and bought a book put together by matthew walker...
  2. Country Singletree
    Out here, good beef for $2.50 a pound is unheard of! I bought about 30 pounds of beef, and some chicken, and tonight I shall have pot roast! I just need to go outside and dig the vegetables, first. As much as I hate to see winter end, the Fall does have its advantages. There is food to burn...
  3. Barter Board
    Hi, we have a US Stove Hotblast 1300 that needs a home. It runs great. It's in our greenhouse. We are moving for read school. We live 40 miles outside Joplin, Missouri.
  4. Country Singletree
    OK it is not hot out for most of us. That's OK, give it a couple of weeks!!!!!! I generally try to get up at sunrise, more or less, and go outside with a big glass of ice in a bit of water. I can then put ice water on my face and arms. I also bought a light shirt that is backless except for a...
1-4 of 4 Results