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  1. Feeding calves through the winter

    Hi, all. I live in Vermont so, naturally, the winters will be quite cold. I'm starting my small beef herd this winter, and have 4 heifer calves that I've bought -- two born in April, and two born in June (but staying with their mothers until September before being weaned). Come September, I will...
  2. Advice for buying hay for dairy cattle

    If this post belongs in a different place please excuse me. I have been having trouble finding good quality hay for my Jersey cow. I live in north central Texas. It has been a hot dry summer and prices have shot way up. My wife found some for sale not far from us so I went to take a look. It...
  3. Silage in Pig Diets

    Time to time someone has asked if pigs can be fed silage. Here's an article in PigProgress from Germany...
  4. Figuring how much hay you need

    Hello I'm in SE Georgia right on the Georgia Florida Line and I was wondering how y'all figure how many bales of hay you need per cow per month over a 3 month winter season. I know the exact number would depend on many different factors but what I'm looking for is a simple "guesstimate" of bales...
  5. What forum is the best place to sell hay?

    Homesteading Questions
    We have roughly 8000 bails of hay that we will be cutting come may for 1st cutting.... and we are trying to find people before its here that will want it... we will be selling it for $4.00 a bail and the bails about 75 pounds. We live in Portland Michigan. message me with any questions...