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  1. Guard Animals
    I bought my husband a Great Pyrenees for his chickens to guard them his name is Shine. Well, I did it ALL wrong with training or lack of properly training and now at 11 months, he is playing with and hurting the chickens and sometimes they die due to this. He just recently killed 5 baby chicks...
  2. Goats
    Brand new member, glad to be here. I recently purchased goats for the first time, I grew up on a small farm and own cattle but have never dealt with goats before. I'm establishing my own set up, apart from the family farm, while working full time. I am interested in getting a dog, with some...
  3. Barter Board
    3rd Generation Naturally Reared, Registered, Purebred, English Shepherd Puppies from working lines. English Shepherds are a rare heritage breed and are the foundation of the collie family. Regarded as an all-around farm dog, they are famed for their versatility as farm hands and companions to...
1-3 of 3 Results