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  1. General Chat
    Why is chocolate harder to grow than fruits for us homesteaders/small farmers?
  2. General Chat
    What is "seed grain"? What do you use it for? Why do some homesteaders/farmers grow grain for seed? Is seed grain fit for human consumption?
  3. General Chat
    According to pg.149 of the 60th Anniversary edition of the encyclopedia of country living, "Where to buy field grain seed: The cheapest seed source would probably be your local grain elevator. ask around and find a "seedsman" who wholesales grain, hay, and other field crop seeds to farmers" Is...
  4. Fiber Arts
    I'm curious if anyone here grows their own cloth. If so, what do you grow? If not, but you've always wanted to, what prevents you? Space? Time? Resources? On the farm here, most of what we grow is textile related, be it dye or fibre. Most of the things we grow are remarkably easy to...
1-4 of 4 Results