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  1. Neighbors got a goat... Its a Buck. AND it got out.

    ok so .. where to start.. lol .. i noticed my neighbors next door got a goat after ive had mine for a few weeks now.. i thought "oh wow , they just got one, man.. its going to constantly be screaming... " mine where freaking out cause theirs is screaming its head off and they want to go see...
  2. Bump on goat teat ? seems to be causing pain.

    i was cleaning Bluebell off this morning to milk and felt a lump . so i looked closer and it kinda just looks like a zit .. it comes to a head. i tried to call my "goat mentor" about it , but i had to go to work and never got a hold of her. shes avoiding her doeling, Hazel from nursing on that...
  3. Panting Goat

    Hi Y’all, I have a 8month old miniature goat who is panting all day and night. We are i winter here so temps are low and there is no humidity. I have had him checked by a vet for Anemia and pneumonia to no avail. He has no other symptoms and behaviour is normal most of the time. Has anyone...
  4. Getting a first timer use to the milking stand ?

    i posted about 2 weeks ago i was getting goats, well their here.. mama Bluebell and a little doeling Hazel. its mamas first freshening, so the milking stand is a little scary for her .. i lift her up onto it myself, and then get her to put her head in the holder by pouring some pellets and...
  5. Week old baby goat refusing bottle

    hello I have a week old baby doe here. I got her about 3 days ago. She has been getting goat milk from one of my other does 4 times a day. 6-8 ounces worth. She has taken the bottle good till now. She has not eaten since 6 am , over 18 hours ago. She doesn't want to drink, but is still...
  6. Have a buck goat who is more wild than tame, any suggestions??

    Hi there, I am somewhat new to having goats and have had my 2 female Nigerian Dwarf goats since last year. They have been a joy as I let them free range on the acre I have. I'm in the process of building their own area so I can have a garden since they eat everything in sight. My daughter and I...
  7. mucus like stuff in milk?

    This is an update to the last post. I went out to the field today and one side of her bag was huge, the only way I can explain it was like two basketballs fused together but only one is inflated. I got her to the house and felt her udder and it was hard like a rock. I couldn't get anything out...
  8. Goat Labor Problems?

    We have a Nigerian Dwarf who seemed to be in labor yesterday afternoon. She had dropped a pile of goo and had more hanging from her vulva. There was a bubble present, but nothing showed inside of it. Her vulva was swollen. She pawed at the ground a lot, and kept laboring to stand up and then lie...
  9. My goats leg is swollen and she won’t put weight on it.

    So my goat is about 6 months old and she is quite small. She got her leg stuck in some string like wire, it was not metal. We had to cut it off and she started to limp a bit. We figured it was a minor sprain, but a few days later she wouldn’t put any weight on it. There was a small area on her...
  10. Need help determining breed of goat

    Need help determining breed of goat. We kinda rescued him a minor who couldn't keep him. She said he was a saanen but the vet last week said she wasn't sure what he was. He's short like a Nigerian.
  11. Buying a temp buck - your thoughts?

    I want to get some Nigerians for milk but there aren't any buck owners in my area that offer stud service. Would it be wildly illogical to just buy a buck to service the does and then try to resell it? Or have any of yall done this? I feel like I don't have any other options at this point. So...
  12. How much should you feed a pygmy goat in a day?

    We just received 2 little goats ages 3 and 4 months old but i have no idea how much food to give them per day. We have been giving them handfuls of hay and about half a cup of oats and pellets, plus banana peels, apples, and carrots. We are brand new to goats. Any help is appreciated.
  13. LGD (Livestock Guard Dogs) Puppies Available January 2019

    LGD puppies - Available January - expecting litter of 10-12 pups. Anatolian/Akbash/Great Pyrenees/Maremma For those of you who are not familiar with LGD's, below is a bit of information. These are ancient breeds that have been around for 1000's of years as working dogs, protecting and living...
  14. Pregnant doe with a hernia like bulge

    I have a nearly four year old doe who is pregnant with her third set of kids, about a month after taking her away from our buck she developed something that appears to be a hernia, it hasn’t gotten any bigger, also doesn’t appear to cause her pain, but I was wondering if it would be safe to...
  15. Feeling the dream fade

    Homesteading Questions
    With interest rates climbing, it looks like another year in AZ before making the move to quiet rural living:( We’ve been a bit Overwhelmed lately with everything that goes into buying a large property. I thought it would be just like buying a normal house, something I’ve done four times, but...
  16. dog kennel for GOAT kids

    I'm working toward getting a pair of dairy goat kids in the near future. I'll need to have the facilities in order first so I spent the last few days designing a portable pen...I have a barn with a pair of 12x15 goat stalls for inclement weather but will also be building a run-in to fit inside...
  17. Goat’s First Freshening Question!!!

    Hey there. My goat, Dolly is definitely approaching her due date! The problem is... we are unaware of when she bred, so we are stuck playing a seriously exciting guessing game! Please view photos and let me know your thoughts! Days or Weeks?!? That is my question!! Here are some key notes: -...
  18. Minerals

    I know that sheep can not use goat minerals because of the copper. My question is can goats have sheep minerals if you also copper bolus. I don’t know if sheep minerals would have every thing a goat needs (other then copper)
  19. Goat due soon milked out

    I have a goat who is due the end of the month. We had a farm sitter and the sitter called me excited that my goat who has twins nursing off her milked out a whole gallon. That didn't sound right so I had her send me a picture and it was not the goat with twins, but my doe who is still pregnant...
  20. Need advise

    Hello. I am rather new to raising goats and could use some advise. how do you know when you have exhausted all resources when trying to save a baby goat. Had one nibbled by a dog and he has been to the vet numerous times. The vet says "if his legs get cold it's over". They are not cold but I...