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  1. Homesteading Questions
    Hello! Next year my family will be moving to Georgia, probably somewhere within an hour radius of Atlanta. I’m a bit unfamiliar with the area and have been researching quite a bit. I was wondering if anyone could give recommendations on towns that would be fitting to the lifestyle. We have...
  2. Real Estate
    We are moving soon, and will be selling our place in Georgia (4 acres, well, fenced, workshop, partially enclosed pole barn, 3 bdrm house). We do not have a real estate agent yet, though we do plan to use one. I want to have it advertised everywhere, not just mls. Is it normal for an agent to...
  3. Homesteading Questions
    I'll try to make this short so I don't have you reading a novel. As of now, both my husband and I are working 35+ hours a week. On top of working, I homeschool my daughter. We live in a mobile home park. We moved here from Florida 2 years ago. I started my job about 3 months ago. I've always...
1-3 of 3 Results