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  1. Let's Get Home Grown Food On Every Table!

    I'm Marjory Wildcraft, The Grow Network’s founder and CEO. I was featured in "Who's Who in America" for my work in building deep community resilience, restoring heirloom genetics in gardens and livestock, and the return to natural medicine across the Nation. National Geographic featured me as...
  2. Coloradoan in Canada

    Daily Journal & Everybody Has a Story Archives
    Rain in the morning. cloudy until afternoon yesterday. this morning, the sun is out and all is clear. The wren is singing as loud as possible. i pulled some weeds already….well, it’s getting late in the morning but i wasn’t up until 8. gotta get that last boat ready for planting tomatoes...
  3. Canna Lily (Canna Rose) HELP

    Gardening & Plant Propagation
    I was transplanting my canna to a bigger pot and I broke the top of the step and the top bloom. Im not sure if it will grow new blooms or if I've damaged the plant for good. Anyone know what i should do? Should i splice? Can i grow a new plant from the bloom?
  4. Glad to Be Here From Iowa

    Hello everyone, I came in from working on my garden area and I was searching for a post on gardening and found Homesteading Today. Yeah! I am feeling at home already and so thankful to be here! Even with the current situation with the pandemic, I'm doing my best to keep focused on what I had...
  5. Hello from NC

    Hi! My name is Anisha. I'm kinda new to all this and willing to learn. My goals aren't necessarily to "Live off Grid" but I'd like to be able to fall back to off grid living if/when the STHTF. I'm the mother of 4, all grown but one. My husband isn't as "into" it as he likes to say, so I...
  6. Hello from Nova Scotia! =)

    Hi, My DH and I live in south west Nova Scotia. We purchased our property in July 2016. While we're not necessarily looking to create a complete homestead by normal definitions we are looking to become as self-sustaining as we can. We've got 2 acres, but only 3/4 of an acre is cleared. Our main...
  7. top soil

    Gardening & Plant Propagation
    new to gardening bought 60 bags of topsoil to fill my small set of raised beds, then found out it may not work. any suggestions or has anybody ever used just top soil
  8. We are new to homesteading, looking for advice.

    Homesteading Questions
    We moved from Pittsburgh Pa to the mountains of WV. We plan on starting a small farm here and if anyone has any tips please feel free to give them.
  9. Best garden duck?

    I've been looking into getting 2 or 3 small ducks for our food garden, and was considering call ducks, but I haven't been able to find call ducklings anywhere online or nearby where I live.. We're in central Texas, so if anyone knows of a place with some call ducks or ducklings on hand, please...
  10. Hey, All.

    I was asked by mzgarden to post what I grew for my own food. I figured I'd post it here. I do have about three acres I grow on, and a little more I pull from indoor spaces. I do live in Idaho, which is cold and windy and snowy and rainy and can be a challenge for anything less than zone 4, but...
  11. Anyone using the Tropf Blumat drip watering system ? OR similar

    Hydroponics / Aquaponics
    Good Day folks... Years ago (20 +/-) I used a product made in Austria called "Tropf Blumat" which is a combo ceramic cone & membrane dripper system for your plants. It requires no power and is just a gravity fed mechanism which you can link several drippers to... I quite liked it as it took a...
  12. Gardening mid Mo zone 6

    Love this site I find it to be very helpful!
  13. Garden glove recommendations?

    Homesteading Questions
    Getting pretty tired of lack of local store offerings as they never last more than a month (or is this a normal lifespan??), but online has such a wide selection, I'd like some input on styles/brands if you wouldn't mind helping out. I am looking for two different types. The first is for a...