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  1. Let's Get Home Grown Food On Every Table!

    I'm Marjory Wildcraft, The Grow Network’s founder and CEO. I was featured in "Who's Who in America" for my work in building deep community resilience, restoring heirloom genetics in gardens and livestock, and the return to natural medicine across the Nation. National Geographic featured me as...
  2. Making a new garden.

    Home Gardens, Market Gardens, and Commercial Crops
    I am new to homesteading and I am making a new garden. I found a way to screen out the rocks and sod which a new garden seems to offer plenty off.
  3. Tiller modification

    Home Gardens, Market Gardens, and Commercial Crops
    I know that tillers are meant to break up clods of sane soil NOT dig in packed clay but, that is what i need to do. I have used the tiller in clay before and made a certain amount of progress. The big thing is that the flat blades can't bite. So, my idea is to weld teeth like nubs on the the...
  4. Interview ep.1 stonebeachpermaculture.

    Home Gardens, Market Gardens, and Commercial Crops
    I had an interview with John from guerrillagrowsomerville you can see his instagram page here. We talked about cultivating tomatoes , some grey water systems and worm farming. The interview itself answered many questions i had and I will try to...
  5. Cat/duck proof gardens

    Homesteading Questions
    Hello everyone! There are a few raised beds within my duck fencing that I stopped planting in a year ago because there is a cat that uses them as a litter box and my ducks can hop up and eat whatever is beginning to sprout. I was hoping some of you may have some suggestions as to what I could...
  6. Best garden duck?

    I've been looking into getting 2 or 3 small ducks for our food garden, and was considering call ducks, but I haven't been able to find call ducklings anywhere online or nearby where I live.. We're in central Texas, so if anyone knows of a place with some call ducks or ducklings on hand, please...
  7. Newbie from Illinois

    Hello all My name is Gigi and I am from IL born and raised in the Quad Cities. I lived in Alabama for 10 years and came home 2 years ago. My Fiancee and I recently purchased property I used to own in Mercer County, IL. We have 2 1/2 acres near a river and we just had the...
  8. New Member from southern Missouri

    Hi new member here. I have been a troll here on this forum for a while now going through and reading a lot of the threads. My Wife and I are originaly from Florida up until a couple of yrs. ago. We bought a few acres in south east Mo. close to the Arkansas line. We started a homestead here and...
  9. It is August: how did your gardens do?

    My Hugelkulture bed was a bit of a disappointment as things looked like they were not getting enough water, even though the rest of the garden looked lush. On the GOOD side, the vegetables at the base of the hugelkulture bed looked unusually well. I think the vegetables at the base of the bed...
  10. DIY PVC Hoophouse

    Gardening & Plant Propagation
    I've been looking around for examples of what people have done to build hoop houses and it doesn't seem like there are many who document the entire process (not on forums anyways, I've found a few on youtube that are good examples) for people to find in the future who feel like embarking on the...
  11. Beautiful Fruit/plant property in Idaho

    Real Estate
    Hi We are selling our home and 8.72 acres in beautiful north central Idaho. Great opportunity for a fruit/nursery business, or just want a beautiful, peaceful place to call home. We have established fruit trees, Cherries, Apples, Plums, 80+ Blueberry bushes, raspberries, elderberries, Pears...