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  1. General Chat
    Out of curiosity, How can homesteaders establish a eco-friendly humanitarian organization? What would the organization look like? How would they operate the organization with/without electricity? How would the humanitarian supplies be manufactured and distributed?
  2. Online Recipe Book
    Name-Your-Disaster-Here What Homemade Food Aid products would homesteaders manufacture and distribute during a long-term emergency?
  3. Online Recipe Book
    As a SoCal native, I've eaten at the best Mexican restaurants that have ceiling fans and Telemundo/futbol on the restaurant TVs in the dining area. My fondest memory eating there is getting their cheese enchiladas with double Mexican rice & chips and salsa. I can tell which place is the real...
  4. Cooking
    All Natural! Nothing from a laboratory nor a factory! The only flavoring is what YOU put in! The only thing came from a factory is ONLY the Equipment!
  5. Online Recipe Book
    I want to make my own Instant ramen down to the brick because that's the kind of homesteader I am. I googled it and found nothing. I know I can make my own ramen noodles but Is it possible to make my homemade ramen noodles look like this? Brick of ramen noodles stock photo. Image of fast...
  6. Online Recipe Book
    Out of curiosity, Is there any DIY cereal enthusiast in this site?
  7. Online Recipe Book
    I want to plant the ingredients for my favorite ingredients because that's the kind of beginner homesteader.,to%20grow%20a%20usable%20pepper. How can I make my favorite hot...
  8. Homesteading Questions
    According to Cerealizing America The Unsweetened Story of American Breakfast Cereal on page 37 & 38: "There was Grain-O; Grape Sugar Flakes; Malted Zweiback; Malt-Too; My Food; Flak-Ota; Cocoa Cream Flakes; Cereola; Frumenta; Norka (Akron spelled backwards); and Malted Oats, "Richer than wheat...
  9. Online Recipe Book
    What restaurant recipes can you make using homemade ingredients?
  10. Online Recipe Book
    What menu items can a homesteader make using homemade ingredients?
  11. Online Recipe Book
    Can a homesteader make Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza from scratch without setting foot into any store?
  12. Online Recipe Book
    How can a homesteader make masa harina from scratch?
  13. Dairy
    I want to take DIY Homemade Doritos up the next level by making parmesan cheese without any expensive rennet nor starter. Why? That's the kind of DIY-er I am. Is it possible to make it in a frugal manner?
  14. Online Recipe Book
    What cold cereal can homesteaders make besides granola, muesli and grape-nuts? I want to bake any homemade cereal using off-grid baking options because i'm that kind of homesteader
  15. Dairy
    Is it possible to make instant powdered milk using this recipe?
  16. Gardening & Plant Propagation
    I'm planning on getting a greenhouse for a homestead i'm going to have in the future. I want to grow/process chocolate and coffee because i'm a chocoholic plus my dad's a coffee nut. Is it possible for a homesteader to grow/process chocolate & coffee into cocoa powder and instant coffee?
  17. Pigs
    Hello everyone im new here and also new to taking care of pigs. I just got a pig that is 4 weeks old. The man i got her from said shes eating but you have to mix milk with her food. The issue is she barely eats and will only chew on a bottles nipple. What can i do about this problem?
  18. Gardening & Plant Propagation
    hi all here is a quick video on how i grow my potatoes providing a lot of easy calories without any special tools.
1-18 of 18 Results