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  1. Where is the best place to buy fencing? Specifically field fence.

    Homesteading Questions
    Probably looking at Red Brand, I'm and going to try to match the weave, gauge, and height of some other fencing I already have on my property. Where's the best place to go looking for the best price? Home Depot? Tractor Supply? Rural King? How about posts? Any suggestions on where to get a...
  2. Our goats just cleared three acres quickly and efficiently!

    Have you used your goats for this? Do you have any before/after pics?
  3. Please help me plan my fencing

    Homesteading Questions
    My husband and I are soon closing on a bit of land. 5 acres with a cute little house, a pole shed and a giant Quonset. We move in September and would like to put fencing up in hopes that we can acquire some animals next spring. Eventually we hope to have a couple of horses, maybe 4 sheep or...