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  1. Introductions
    Small family breeder of mixed mutt Rabbits. Breeds include New Zealand, Standard Rex, TAMUK Composits (Texas A&M Kingsville) We currently are trying to raise a bottle calf rejected by mom. He is blind, but is learning to navigate pretty good. We also have 2 four month old pigs. They are...
  2. Pigs
    Hello all, I have come up with an affordable swine feed mix for our 3 Duroc/Berkshire feeder pigs, and the nutrient calculations seem ok to me without a premix. It is a sorghum, oats, wheat, sunflower meal, rice protein, and cracked peas mix. They also get some table scraps but don't have...
  3. Barter Board
    I am looking for feeder pigs. I know it is late in the season to be my connection fell through this year. Looking for any input or leads anyone might have for Upstate New York or even Pennsylvania. Ultimately looking for 6 to 8 pigs but will take a smaller amount. Thanks in advance everyone.
1-3 of 3 Results