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  1. Layers and Meat Birds in common area...?

    Still finding our way towards efficient production of eggs and meat-ideally both at the same time, with dual purpose efforts. We have a large poultry pen (around 225 sq.ft) and small coop with 6 layers. This has worked great so far. Now we've added 4 more layers and getting our feet wet with...
  2. Feeding calves through the winter

    Hi, all. I live in Vermont so, naturally, the winters will be quite cold. I'm starting my small beef herd this winter, and have 4 heifer calves that I've bought -- two born in April, and two born in June (but staying with their mothers until September before being weaned). Come September, I will...
  3. Little bugs in corn

    I have found several of these bugs in my can of cracked corn. Can I still feed this to my Jersey or is this better suited to feed to my chickens? P.S. sorry if the image doesn’t attach.
  4. Advice for buying hay for dairy cattle

    If this post belongs in a different place please excuse me. I have been having trouble finding good quality hay for my Jersey cow. I live in north central Texas. It has been a hot dry summer and prices have shot way up. My wife found some for sale not far from us so I went to take a look. It...
  5. Feeding shells to chickens

    I nuke the shells to dry them thoroughly and to make them brittle, then chop them up and feed them to my chickens. Heard it's a good source of calcium for them. Question is, do I bother removing the membrane from inside the shell? I've been doing it absentmindedly, but is there a point?
  6. Loading Dock and Peanut Butter

    You might find this article interesting. We had the opportunity to get some peanut butter. It comes in 500 lb barrels, four to a pallet. That was too heavy to lift down off the delivery truck so we built a stone loading dock at the entrance to our driveway...
  7. Improving feed suggestions for confined breeding hens & rooster

    For those that are breeding their hens do you have any suggestions to improve egg quality? I'm noticing on the incubated chicks some are slow to hatch, fail to break thru or deformed. I'm currrently feeding a laying ration but was wondering what else I could add to make sure parents (rooster and...