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  1. Building a green house.

    Home Gardens, Market Gardens, and Commercial Crops
    Started building a green house. Levelled off the ground and built the front window frame/wall. The lumber I got from Kent was disgusting but will be good enough for this application. I only went to Kent because they had the fibreglass clear sheets that I am going to use for the roof. This...
  2. From riches to rags homesteading.

    Homestead Construction
    I went from riches to rag instead of rags to riches. I had a good career in information system then the pressure and B.S. got the best of me so I retired with a modest pension. So that's when I started this homesteading initiative. I went out on a limb with this journey. Not sure where it...
  3. Your Thoughts On CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)

    Homesteading Questions
    Hello, I feel increasing competition among CSA and have been wanting to start one myself on my farm but am concerned about the competition. I am trying to make my farm stand out a lot more by emphasizing crops grown sustainably from a net-zero zero-waste farm although I am wondering if this is...
  4. Thoughts on tractor

    Home Gardens, Market Gardens, and Commercial Crops
    I am looking at buying a tractor for my property for the use of farm and other random digging needs etc etc, I have looked at many brands and have come down to mahindra or massey ferguson as the choice. It will be a "light" tractor the massey model is GC1715. Whatever i get i want a front end...
  5. Lease valid after sale?

    Real Estate
    My wife and I purchased our first home this past month. A farm house with 12 acres, previously the back 9 were farmed by a local very large farm company and we were told when we bought the house that they had a 3 year lease and were two years into it. I have not received anything from the...
  6. Balance And Burdens Of Start-Up Homesteading

    Countryside Families
    Hey Friends, First off let me confess I'm tired and struggling. Not every day is like this, but I wanted to start this thread to see where others are at in their journey. We're in our 50's and the kids are grown and gone (one's in Heaven). Family relations live far away and neighboring farms...
  7. What forum is the best place to sell hay?

    Homesteading Questions
    We have roughly 8000 bails of hay that we will be cutting come may for 1st cutting.... and we are trying to find people before its here that will want it... we will be selling it for $4.00 a bail and the bails about 75 pounds. We live in Portland Michigan. message me with any questions...
  8. The three main challenges of the homesteader

    Homesteading Questions
    What are the three main challenges for you as a homesteader? I'm asking you this question, hoping that you are willing to share your views and experiences. As an employee at the Danish farm, Ausumgaard (, I'm currently working on our newest project, FoodKRAFT...