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  1. 12 gauge wire to shed

    Homesteading Questions
    New to electrical work and I had recently run a 12-2 UF wire from my basement about 95' to a shed. I plan on using a window mounted Air conditioner, so I figured making a 20 amp circuit would be enough. Now I'm finding out that at 95' I'm losing slightly over 5% in droppage. Is that amount of...
  2. Electric Vehicle Batteries

    Alternative Energy
    Has anyone used any electric vehicle batteries as a battery bank for off grid solar or wind? I have access to a large number of batteries and am looking for advice on how to use them and which ones are preferred. Please let me know. (If anyone is looking for any EV batteries let me know and I...
  3. Smokers: Need Input

    So, I have pretty much everything except a smoker. I am looking into them, and wanted to know what you all think of the different styles out there. Because this is just for fun, and I am no pit master, I want something simple and inexpensive. I would like to use wood, so no electric smokers...
  4. 200 amp underground service

    Homesteading Questions
    I am running a service wire 150' underground from my meter to a singlewide trailer, what type and size wires should I use?