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  1. What livestock should I start next?

    Homesteading Questions
    I live on a little over 1.5 acres and a good chunk is heavily wooded still. I plan on clearing paths in this area during winter when everything dies and there is no risk of snakes. I have started raising meat rabbits a few months ago (I wanted them before corona became well known but couldn't...
  2. Ducks and chickens together

    First let me say I am new to all of this. I don’t know correct terminology and such. Looking for advice. I have 8 chicks about 4-5 weeks and two ducks about the same age. Don’t know the sexes. They are in the same coup. The chicks go to the top and the ducks stay below. They still have heat...
  3. Cat/duck proof gardens

    Homesteading Questions
    Hello everyone! There are a few raised beds within my duck fencing that I stopped planting in a year ago because there is a cat that uses them as a litter box and my ducks can hop up and eat whatever is beginning to sprout. I was hoping some of you may have some suggestions as to what I could...
  4. Best garden duck?

    I've been looking into getting 2 or 3 small ducks for our food garden, and was considering call ducks, but I haven't been able to find call ducklings anywhere online or nearby where I live.. We're in central Texas, so if anyone knows of a place with some call ducks or ducklings on hand, please...