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  1. Looking for guidance on gravel driveway.

    Homestead Construction
    I'm finally at a point where I'd like to park my car on something other then grass/dirt. I'm looking to install a gravel parking pad. I'd love any tips you might have. I've been searching on the internet and it says the base should be 12 inch thick. WHAT! :eek: That's not every going to...
  2. Mailbox Dilemma - What to do and where to put it

    Homesteading Questions
    Okay! This may be a strange question and I can't get an answer for it. We are in the process of trying to get a house built on our property. One of the things we will need to figure out is the mailbox situation. I have attached a picture of our property and such for visual reference. Note...
  3. Open Cell/Permeable Paver vs Concrete driveways

    Homestead Construction
    So, we have a lot of linear feet we need turn into a driveway. It is roughly 500 feet from the entrance of the property to where we want to have the house built. I am looking to see if anyone has experience with open cell or permeable pavers as a driveway this long vs having concrete poured...