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  1. General Chat
    What foods/drinks do you have for all 3 meals plus snacks HT?
  2. Online Recipe Book
    How would you make Nestle Milo from scratch? Is Nestle Milo a chocolate malted milk powder?
  3. Online Recipe Book
    How would you make Nesquik and Nestle Milo from scratch at home?
  4. Dairy
    Is it possible to make instant powdered milk using this recipe?
  5. Gardening & Plant Propagation
    I'm planning on getting a greenhouse for a homestead i'm going to have in the future. I want to grow/process chocolate and coffee because i'm a chocoholic plus my dad's a coffee nut. Is it possible for a homesteader to grow/process chocolate & coffee into cocoa powder and instant coffee?
1-5 of 5 Results