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  1. Sheep
    I’m looking to start a new flock of hair sheep at my homestead. My biggest priority is a sheep that produces delicious tasting meat. Also want a calm breed that is friendly. I’m fairly new to raising sheep but i know there were previously American blackbelly and Suffolk on the land and they both...
  2. Sheep
    I'm about to take on 10 Dorper ewes (from one homestead) and 1 Dorper/Katahdin ram (from a different homestead) this week. I've been reading online and people say not to keep dorper rams with the flock year round if you want to avoid having out-of-season lambs. I really would prefer to keep them...
  3. Sheep
    The first two pictures are of the ram lamb in question, he is a percentage registrable dorper, the next two are of his mother and his twin brother, the last three are of his sire and his registration who is also selling for $1,200 and is a triplet, his grandfather sired the best selling lamb at...
1-3 of 3 Results