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  1. Fiber Arts
    Is it possible to loom knit a rolled bandage?
  2. Online Recipe Book
    What Indian dishes can a homesteader make using what they can grow/raise?
  3. Online Recipe Book
    How can homesteaders make their own soy sauce?
  4. Online Recipe Book
  5. Online Recipe Book
    From Pg.95 of The Prepper's Cookbook by Tess Pennington 1 cup fine or medium-fine cornmeal 1/4 cup granulated or powered sugar (optional) water 1. Set an ungreased metal skillet over medium heat. Sift a thin layer of cornmeal into the skillet. 2. Fill a spray bottle with water and spray the...
  6. General Chat
    How can a blacksmith build a spiralizer for making curly fries?
  7. Online Recipe Book
    How can I make fried seasoned curly fries without a $10 one-use spiralizer?
  8. Online Recipe Book How do you make Unsulphured Molasses?
  9. Fiber Arts
    Is it possible to make rolled bandages using a round or a sock loom? Why do I want to make my own rolled bandages? Because I want to sell my own medical supplies like bandages, dressings and gauze. Believe it or not True Believers New Vista Career Academy is willing to teach me how to make and...
  10. General Chat
    I want to know what other ways for an ordinary citizen to be their own red cross.
  11. Dairy
    How do you make whipped cream from fresh raw milk?
  12. Online Recipe Book
    How do you make pain au chocolat without using store-bought yeast nor a stand mixer...
  13. Online Recipe Book
    Out of curiosity, Can a homesteader make gluten-free baked goods without xanthan gum and guar gum?
  14. Online Recipe Book
    Out of curiosity HT, Can a homesteader make cornstarch from scratch?
  15. Fiber Arts
    What practical project can a novice cross-stitcher make?
  16. Online Recipe Book
    How do you make Beef Tallow French Fries in bulk? Is there a safe, effective way to store fried foods without electricity?
  17. Shop Talk
    Can a blacksmith build a non-electric air fryer from scratch? How would a non-electric air fryer work?
  18. Dairy
    Out of curiosity HT, How do you strain fresh cow milk without an expensive cow milk strainer?
  19. General Chat
    How can a complete beginner create a homesteading journal using a composition book and a pack of fine line crayola markers?
  20. Fiber Arts
    I need your help HT! I'm starting my first crochet project. I want to crochet my own rolled bandages so I won't rely on big box stores for medical supplies. The Good News: My day program agreed to teach me how to crochet rolled bandages. The Bad News: My day program don't have wool nor any...
1-20 of 77 Results