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  1. Cattle
    Hello! I'm wondering; how do you train a cow to pull a cart? I've heard Dexters are triple purpose and that is one of them. I know how to desensitize and what not. My questions are how do you get them going and how do you steer xD
  2. Cattle
    My husband and I are looking for our first milk cow. It is just the two of us so we don't need or want a large cow with huge amounts of milk. I would prefer a mini jersey or dexter/jersey cross (Belfair). I am having a hard time finding anything out her in Southern California. We are in...
  3. Barter Board
    I have registered Dexter Cows from really good lines. Easy keepers. Hardy and thrifty. I can help with delivery for extra consideration. You can contact me at [email protected] I will post details below.
1-3 of 3 Results