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  1. Working and Companion Animals
    Hi everyone! I have done extensive research after taking one of my cats to the ER vet last night for throwing up roundworms. It was a nightmare- he threw up three times, had a fever, and needed fluids. They prescribed my one cat Panacur but refused to give me more for my second cat, which I do...
  2. Goats
    Last week, one of our goats started showing signs of worms (sluggish, heavy eyes, pale gums, diarrhea). He was roughly 6 weeks old & still nursing. We wormed him immediately but unfortunately he passed. The next day we wormed all of our goats just to be safe. We use safeguard for goats. Today...
  3. Cattle
    I am worried our family Jersey has worms. She is not putting on a lot of weight despite constant access to coastal hay, fresh green grass, and a special dairy ration x2 daily. I was going to get a dewormer (ivermectin) but with her being fresh I wasn’t sure if this was a good idea or if there...
1-3 of 3 Results