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  1. The hordes scenario just moved up a notch ...

    Survival & Emergency Preparedness
    ... in (long-term?) planning needs. Just zombie deer hordes at the moment, but with human hordes possibly following (some years) later. Per news articles like this one: (if this
  2. Venison Potato Sausage

    Preserving the Harvest
    Here's a unique sausage that would be good one to learn how to make. I don't know the history of this method, but in the case of poverty and another depression, this will be my staple food. It's a whole meal packed in to one casing and extremely cheap and easy to make. Did I mention how...
  3. Deer Bacon

    The Great Outdoors
    Thought I'd share a How-To on making deer bacon. ALSO........ Does anyone have the recipe for the actual seasoning and cure??? This is the only specialty meat I make that I have to buy the pre-made mix.