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  1. Im getting a goat, any advice?

    Actually , im getting 2. both are Nigerian dwarf goats , one is an adult, and the other is one of her doeling. i just got to wait till her buckling is weened off of mama before i can go pick them up. EXCITED! i still got to go pick up the stuff for them, bedding , food, water and food buckets...
  2. Jersey won't stop producing!

    Hi everyone. Our family has a Jersey and in November she had her second calf. We've been milking her successfully twice a day, but due to circumstances had to dry her off about 2 months ago on June. We saw a reduction in milk and she has not had any symptoms that would make us think she has...
  3. Storing Milk

    For those of you who have a family milk cow, how do you store all of that extra milk? Where did you get the containers to store it? We are currently using 1 quart mason jars but are running out quickly. Any advice would be appreciated. Also, any suggestions on finding cheaper equipment would be...