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  1. Dairy
    How do you make whipped cream from fresh raw milk?
  2. Dairy
    Out of curiosity HT, How do you strain fresh cow milk without an expensive cow milk strainer?
  3. Dairy
    I'm planning on making Monterey Jack Cheese with homemade rennet without any expensive starters in the future. Unfortunately, The Encyclopedia of Country Living didn't cover it. I just want to hand-copy it down so it'll be ready by the time I'm able to make it. This is the result of my google...
  4. Dairy
    Out of curiosity, Is it possible to freeze-dry milk, cream, butter and cheese without any expensive equipment?
  5. Online Recipe Book
    All google got me for how to malt barley how to make malt from barley - Google Search
  6. Online Recipe Book
    Is dehydrating your own eggs a waste of time, money and resource?
  7. Dairy
    This is the evidence of google not helping me Pasteurized Cream: how to pasteurize cream - Google Search Is there a way to pasteurize cream from freshly skimmed from raw milk?
  8. Dairy
    This is the evidence of google not giving me what I want Heavy Cream: How do you make heavy cream from raw milk? - Google Search Heavy Whipping Cream: How do you make heavy whipping cream from raw milk? - Google Search How can I make heavy cream and heavy whipping cream straight from the cow?
  9. Dairy
    I want to make my own powdered milk but is it possible to make it without electricity? Just imagine, a blackout caused by (name-your-disaster-here) have prevented you from freezing your milk plus you already made alot of butter, buttermilk, cheese, clabbered milk, yogurt, kefir and home-canned...
  10. Dairy
    What does the homesteading community think of home dehydrating milk and chocolate?
  11. Dairy
    I've seen vintage cereal ads that told consumers to pour milk or cream over their cereal. I tried half-and-half and heavy whipping cream over my cereal, It tasted like cheese. I want to try cream over my cereal because I believe cream will taste supreme over chocolate cereal like cocoa pebbles...
  12. Dairy
    How can a beginner homesteader make butter straight out of a cow in a frugal manner?
  13. Dairy
    How can a beginner homesteader make butter, butternilk, Cream, Powdered Butter, Powdered Buttermilk and Powdered Cream straight from a cow?
  14. Dairy
    How can a beginner homesteader make Unsalted Butter Chips | Dairy using homemade butter?
  15. Dairy
    I want to take DIY Homemade Doritos up the next level by making parmesan cheese without any expensive rennet nor starter. Why? That's the kind of DIY-er I am. Is it possible to make it in a frugal manner?
  16. Dairy
    I want to make DIY Homemade Doritos with a homemade cheese because that's the kind of DIY-er I am. Is it possible to make parmesan cheese without any expensive ingredients nor expensive equipment?
  17. Cattle
    Thank you for welcoming me into your group! I’ve always dreamed of homesteading and I’m proud to say I’m one step closer!! A family member is gifting me a pregnant, lactating Jersey cow that is small(est.800Ibs) and I’m having a hard time figuring out how much supplemental feed I’ll need for...
  18. Goats
    Actually , im getting 2. both are Nigerian dwarf goats , one is an adult, and the other is one of her doeling. i just got to wait till her buckling is weened off of mama before i can go pick them up. EXCITED! i still got to go pick up the stuff for them, bedding , food, water and food buckets...
  19. Dairy
    Hi everyone. Our family has a Jersey and in November she had her second calf. We've been milking her successfully twice a day, but due to circumstances had to dry her off about 2 months ago on June. We saw a reduction in milk and she has not had any symptoms that would make us think she has...
  20. Dairy
    For those of you who have a family milk cow, how do you store all of that extra milk? Where did you get the containers to store it? We are currently using 1 quart mason jars but are running out quickly. Any advice would be appreciated. Also, any suggestions on finding cheaper equipment would be...
1-20 of 20 Results