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  1. Homesteading Questions
    I'm wondering if someone on here has built a livestock pond? I want to keep my cattle hydrated in hot, hot Kansas. And what do you in the winter when the water is frozen? We have extreme winters too, and I've never had livestock (I won't be getting these in a while; and they will be pets lol...
  2. Real Estate
    Ready to start homesteading? In Southern Virginia. This place is READY TO GO, the infrastructure is all there: home, barn, spring-fed creek, driveway, clean well, electricity, internet. Very private but not isolated. Just needs some TLC. For multiple reasons we cannot do it anymore and are...
  3. Real Estate
    So, the wife and I have other properties we're going to invest in and we are selling 17.5 acres in Michigan. It is priced to sell fast! Below the SEV! The property is just minutes from 131, just north of Grand Rapids, and just south of Big Rapids. It has an address in Stanwood. It has a...
1-3 of 3 Results