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  1. Mold on dry corn?

    Preserving the Harvest
    Greetings, I live in the generally rainy Pacific Northwest. It rains here from October to May with the summers almost completely dry. I planted 3 rows of dent corn in my garden and harvested the "dry" ears in September. Some of the husks had a black surface mold/streaking on them but the dry...
  2. Little bugs in corn

    I have found several of these bugs in my can of cracked corn. Can I still feed this to my Jersey or is this better suited to feed to my chickens? P.S. sorry if the image doesn’t attach.
  3. Starchy, over ripe sweet corn uses?

    Preserving the Harvest
    I was too late harvesting the peaches and cream sweet corn. It is starchy. We husked 5 dozen ears and put them in the refrigerator. Can it be saved? What would you do with it, other than feed it to livestock?