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  1. Online Recipe Book
    How do you make corn tortillas without masa harina?
  2. Online Recipe Book
    Out of curiosity HT, Can a homesteader make cornstarch from scratch?
  3. Preserving the Harvest
    Greetings, I live in the generally rainy Pacific Northwest. It rains here from October to May with the summers almost completely dry. I planted 3 rows of dent corn in my garden and harvested the "dry" ears in September. Some of the husks had a black surface mold/streaking on them but the dry...
  4. Cattle
    I have found several of these bugs in my can of cracked corn. Can I still feed this to my Jersey or is this better suited to feed to my chickens? P.S. sorry if the image doesn’t attach.
  5. Preserving the Harvest
    I was too late harvesting the peaches and cream sweet corn. It is starchy. We husked 5 dozen ears and put them in the refrigerator. Can it be saved? What would you do with it, other than feed it to livestock?
1-5 of 5 Results