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  1. Online Recipe Book
    How do you make Beef Tallow French Fries in bulk? Is there a safe, effective way to store fried foods without electricity?
  2. Online Recipe Book
    Out of complete curiosity, How can a person convert an electric recipe to an non-electric recipe?
  3. Online Recipe Book
    How do you save fat from How to make Mcdonald's Hamburger ( the basic that used for all recipes) to make How to make mcdonald's fries
  4. Online Recipe Book
    Buldak Noodles · i am a food blog Baked Baking Soda: Noodles: Sauce Ingredients: 1.)...
  5. Cooking
    For Southern Californians Only! Can anyone help me make their 6 strips, buffalo ouch sauce! and their french fries from scratch at home please? Wingnuts Costa Mesa Menu — Wingnuts Costa Mesa
  6. Pigs
    Had my boar slaughtered. During that time heard about boar taint. I had my boar to close to my sow during her farrow time. The butcher warned me. The smell and sometimes taste is over powering. But i dont want to waist the meat. Ive searched and cant find any recipes online. Only heard mexican...
1-6 of 6 Results