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  1. What livestock should I start next?

    Homesteading Questions
    I live on a little over 1.5 acres and a good chunk is heavily wooded still. I plan on clearing paths in this area during winter when everything dies and there is no risk of snakes. I have started raising meat rabbits a few months ago (I wanted them before corona became well known but couldn't...
  2. Hello from Ohio

    5 acres rabbits and chickens looking to turn this land into our grocery store Lots of challenges ahead. All help welcome!
  3. Just bought a Homestead in Duvall, WA

    Just bought a homestead in Duvall, WA (literally just in time to get out of Bellevue where the majority of Washington Covid-19 cases are). We're on a 14 acre lot (10 of which is forested / Native Growth Retention Area). We're just getting our garden setup for a variety of crops (tomatoes...
  4. Stumbled Upon A Great Nesting Box Idea for Egg Layers

    I was recently cleaning out my chicken coop and filled up a few 5-gallon buckets with straw as much as I could and set them to the side. When I was done cleaning up I noticed a bunch of my chickens was laying in the 5-gallon buckets and when I picked up they had laid eggs. I thought this was a...
  5. Clipping wings

    What are your thoughts, concerns, suggestions and helpful tips? So our free range expirement failed. Id have loved to have this great homestead utopia with my chickens roaming around the yard pecking and making happy noises. BUT They are so destructive. Omg the even threw all the lava rock...
  6. First Loss

    Ok guys. I lost one. :( So I open the gate to the run every morning and the ladies have free range of the back yard. On 2 sides is 6 ft privacy fence. Othwr 2 sides is welded wire fence and barbed wire that is thebcow pasture. My parents used to keep the fenceline clear and. But somewhere in...
  7. Chickens and sourdough starter

    Anyone feed their sourdough starter to chickens? I don't use it much in summer so I started feeding it to them and they love it. Wondering if it could be harmful to them? I got my first egg this week! Finally I'm a true chicken woman!! :D
  8. Golden Comet Hens Nc

    Where can I buy Spent Hens at in NC ?
  9. Chicken Coop Build

    Would anybody be interested in sharing what their coop looks like? I built my own from scratch and would really like everybody else to show theirs off. I love seeing the different styles. here is mine! If anybody is interested, I have a video tour on my blog. here is the link...
  10. Playing with ideas on keeping all of my livestock together.

    So I have 4 acres of green pasture with some trees fenced in. I plan on doing 3 hot wires to keep the goats and dogs from rubbing on the fence. I want to have my 16 chickens, 3 goats, 3 pigs (AGH so should be docile enough to not kill the chickens), and 2 live stock guardian dogs in this fence...
  11. Bees and chickens

    I have a question for anyone that keeps bees and chickens. Will chickens eat the live bees? I have a bee yard/orchard and I want to let the chickens in to help clean up. I am just envisioning a chicken sitting outside of the hive eating the bees as they land on the hive. Should I worry or should...
  12. Souther California Chicks

    Does anyone live in Southern California and have been successful raising Cornish Cross Chickens? If so, where do you get your chicks from? We are in the Oak Hills/Hesperia area, in the High Desert. Thanks!
  13. J. Daniel Walker from Western Kentucky

    Homesteading Questions
    Great to be a part of the forum!
  14. We are new to homesteading, looking for advice.

    Homesteading Questions
    We moved from Pittsburgh Pa to the mountains of WV. We plan on starting a small farm here and if anyone has any tips please feel free to give them.
  15. Feeding shells to chickens

    I nuke the shells to dry them thoroughly and to make them brittle, then chop them up and feed them to my chickens. Heard it's a good source of calcium for them. Question is, do I bother removing the membrane from inside the shell? I've been doing it absentmindedly, but is there a point?
  16. Rooster Question

    Hi all, I am thinking about getting a rooster to add in with my 6 laying hens. I have 3 barred rocks, and 3 rhode island reds. If I got a barred rock rooster, would the cross-breed between it and the rhode island hen be okay for my flock? Would there be any complications, or would it matter at...
  17. Help! Border collies terrorizing horses and chickens

    Working and Companion Animals
    Hi everyone, I have two 8 month old border collies who, whenever they are let out, either run straight to the chicken coop or beeline to the horse pasture, and nearly give the animals heart attacks! They jump up and bang against the mesh wire on our chicken coop, run circles around it barking...
  18. Newbie from Illinois

    Hello all My name is Gigi and I am from IL born and raised in the Quad Cities. I lived in Alabama for 10 years and came home 2 years ago. My Fiancee and I recently purchased property I used to own in Mercer County, IL. We have 2 1/2 acres near a river and we just had the...
  19. Build a Chicken Coop

    I created a slideshow video showing how our chicken coop was built. This coop was designed by me, and I created a set of plans in CAD that I've shared for free over the past several years through various venues. I'm happy to share them (FREE) with anyone on this forum if wanted. Just follow the...
  20. Super Basic tutorial for chickens??

    Hello! Totally new to chickens and my wife is wanting me to possibly bring in chickens once things are in order. Is there a good how to guide from start to finish for chicks. I have checked the general information sticky, but it's all seeming pretty intermediate/advanced. Not so basic. By...