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  1. Butchering advice for freezing?

    Hello, so, we are gearing up to butcher a batch of broilers in 2 weeks. We've butchered and processed on a small scale no problem, but this year we are beginning to sell frozen for retail and I'm trying to wrap my mind around the process. Our plan is to use the heat shrinking bags. My question...
  2. Please help my chicken with swelling around her eye

    One of my chooks has developed swelling around only one of her eyes. It has been there for around 12 days now. Here is a summary of info that I think could be pertinent (or at least these are things I think I would wonder about if someone was asking me for advice about a sick chicken) 1)...
  3. Feeling the dream fade

    Homesteading Questions
    With interest rates climbing, it looks like another year in AZ before making the move to quiet rural living:( We’ve been a bit Overwhelmed lately with everything that goes into buying a large property. I thought it would be just like buying a normal house, something I’ve done four times, but...
  4. Losing all 15 of my chickens to raccoons

    At the start of the summer, I fixed up an old "corn crib" on my property and converted it into a makeshift chicken coop which I raised 15 chickens in since they were just chicks. One and a half months later once they had grown large enough to free range I would let them out at 6 am and put them...