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chicken coop

  1. Starting with Chickens

    Hello, I am a new homesteader. I have recently decided to add chickens as my first livestock animal. I plan to use these chickens for eggs and fertilizer. I am looking to add a chicken coop to the property with a small run. A little information about my potential flock. I plan to start...
  2. Mites in my chickens

    What do you all do to control mites in your chickens? I’m about ready to burn down my chicken house and get rid of all my chickens. I can’t get ahead of this.
  3. Build a Chicken Coop

    I created a slideshow video showing how our chicken coop was built. This coop was designed by me, and I created a set of plans in CAD that I've shared for free over the past several years through various venues. I'm happy to share them (FREE) with anyone on this forum if wanted. Just follow the...