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  1. Dairy
    I'm planning on making Monterey Jack Cheese with homemade rennet without any expensive starters in the future. Unfortunately, The Encyclopedia of Country Living didn't cover it. I just want to hand-copy it down so it'll be ready by the time I'm able to make it. This is the result of my google...
  2. Dairy
    I want to take DIY Homemade Doritos up the next level by making parmesan cheese without any expensive rennet nor starter. Why? That's the kind of DIY-er I am. Is it possible to make it in a frugal manner?
  3. Dairy
    I want to make DIY Homemade Doritos with a homemade cheese because that's the kind of DIY-er I am. Is it possible to make parmesan cheese without any expensive ingredients nor expensive equipment?
  4. Barter Board
    This is a Cenapatop Cream Separator from the Ukraine. It is a hand crank manual separator with stainless steel centrifuges. It comes with the papers and all attachments. You simply pour the milk in the top, turn the crank and cream comes out one spigot while skim milk comes out the other...
1-4 of 4 Results