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  1. Online Recipe Book
    From Pg.95 of The Prepper's Cookbook by Tess Pennington 1 cup fine or medium-fine cornmeal 1/4 cup granulated or powered sugar (optional) water 1. Set an ungreased metal skillet over medium heat. Sift a thin layer of cornmeal into the skillet. 2. Fill a spray bottle with water and spray the...
  2. Online Recipe Book
    All google got me for how to malt barley how to make malt from barley - Google Search
  3. Online Recipe Book
    How would you make better versions of these Hot Cereals from whole grains: 1.) Malt-O-Meal Hot Cereal: A Warm & Hearty Breakfast Option 2.) Maypo Instant Maple Flavored Oatmeal 3.) Maltex Hot Wheat Cereal 4.) Wheatena 5.)
  4. Cooking
    All Natural! Nothing from a laboratory nor a factory! The only flavoring is what YOU put in! The only thing came from a factory is ONLY the Equipment!
  5. Online Recipe Book
    This is for those who want to make cereal from scratch beyond granola, muesli and grape-nuts. Plus, This is for those skeptics who believe a home cook needs special equipment to make cereal. 1.) Homemade Rice Krispies Cereal 2.) 3.) Homemade cocoa pops recipe | BBC Good Food 4.) 5.)...
  6. Online Recipe Book
    I want to turn homemade cookie crisp cereal up a level by making mini chocolate chips because I know homemade tastes better than store-bought. Here's what google got me: how to make mini chocolate chips - Google Search
  7. Homesteading Questions
    According to Cerealizing America The Unsweetened Story of American Breakfast Cereal on page 37 & 38: "There was Grain-O; Grape Sugar Flakes; Malted Zweiback; Malt-Too; My Food; Flak-Ota; Cocoa Cream Flakes; Cereola; Frumenta; Norka (Akron spelled backwards); and Malted Oats, "Richer than wheat...
  8. Cooking
    How would you make Homemade Bran Cereal Flakes (Three Ways), Homemade Corn Flakes Cereal, and Step aside, Cocoa Puffs... There's an easy (healthier) homemade version in town in an non-electric kitchen?
  9. Online Recipe Book What Cold Breakfast Cereal would you make using a woodstove besides granola and muesli?
1-9 of 9 Results