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  1. Can I can this?

    Preserving the Harvest
    Its a Korean marinade for stir fried beef. If you click the ink and scroll down you can see the ingredients. Would you do a hot bath or pressure cook? How long?
  2. Pressure Canning Pork Belly

    Preserving the Harvest
    Has anyone ever pressure canned pork belly? I searched this forum for 'pork belly' but did not find any reference to pressure canning it. I've found a few links via Google, but thought I would ask the experts here for their opinion. I ordered a brisket to be delivered; what arrived was Pork...
  3. Top 3 Ways To Preserve Green Beans - Lacto-fermented, Pickled and Canned

    Preserving the Harvest
    Fresh green beans from the garden can’t be beat, but second best is preserving them and having them with a hot dinner on a cold winter day! Canned green beans will last for years, pickled will last up to a year and lacto fermentation will allow you to store your green beans up to 6-8 months...
  4. Hello from northeastern Utah

    Hi folks, I'm Gayle from northeastern Utah. My husband & I have 5 children, 3 boys & 2 girls, who attend public school. Dh is trucking supervisor for a local company, and I'm a Substitute Teacher in Secondary schools. We aren't homesteaders though dh wishes we lived in the wilds of Montana or...
  5. How many pint and quart jars for a family of 4.

    Preserving the Harvest
    Most of my preps and indeed homesteading efforts are for naught if I can not put them up for year round use. Having grown up on a small farm we canned a great deal but I do not remember ever having more than one hundred jars of a mixed variety. But we had access to a Winn Dixie and Piggly Wiggly...
  6. Chili sauce

    I could sure use a good recipe for chili sauce! My last year's recipe wasn't so good, so if anyone feels like they have a good recipe I would sure appreciate it! Thank you