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  1. Preserving the Harvest
    As most people who can their garden veggies know, there is a HUGE shortage in canning lids. Since COVID, people are starting to take interest in survival skills and self-reliance. The interest in gardening and canning has taken it's toll on the canning lid availability. Canning lids are the new...
  2. General Chat
    I received a bunch of quart mason jars, most have rust I need to remove. I've tried vinegar & baking soda and it has failed. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  3. Preserving the Harvest
    Its a Korean marinade for stir fried beef. If you click the ink and scroll down you can see the ingredients. Would you do a hot bath or pressure cook? How long?
  4. Preserving the Harvest
    Has anyone ever pressure canned pork belly? I searched this forum for 'pork belly' but did not find any reference to pressure canning it. I've found a few links via Google, but thought I would ask the experts here for their opinion. I ordered a brisket to be delivered; what arrived was Pork...
  5. Preserving the Harvest
    Fresh green beans from the garden can’t be beat, but second best is preserving them and having them with a hot dinner on a cold winter day! Canned green beans will last for years, pickled will last up to a year and lacto fermentation will allow you to store your green beans up to 6-8 months...
  6. Introductions
    Hi folks, I'm Gayle from northeastern Utah. My husband & I have 5 children, 3 boys & 2 girls, who attend public school. Dh is trucking supervisor for a local company, and I'm a Substitute Teacher in Secondary schools. We aren't homesteaders though dh wishes we lived in the wilds of Montana or...
  7. Preserving the Harvest
    Most of my preps and indeed homesteading efforts are for naught if I can not put them up for year round use. Having grown up on a small farm we canned a great deal but I do not remember ever having more than one hundred jars of a mixed variety. But we had access to a Winn Dixie and Piggly Wiggly...
  8. Cooking
    I could sure use a good recipe for chili sauce! My last year's recipe wasn't so good, so if anyone feels like they have a good recipe I would sure appreciate it! Thank you
1-8 of 8 Results