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  1. Countryside Families
    20191213_135952 by Simple Texas Guy posted Dec 13, 2019 at 3:07 PMPlanning a camping trip next weekend with my church's youth group. I am "that guy". I must have coffee. I'm doing a little preparation to get my coffee just right using a ceramic coated percolator. I put in my usual 10 cups of...
  2. Survival & Emergency Preparedness
    Penny stoves, alcohol cooker or metho stoves are a great item to have for emergency use or the BOB they are lightweight,inexpensive,use easily available fuel,burn cleanly without smoke or smell,they are quiet and can be improvised from old aluminium cans.
  3. Survival & Emergency Preparedness
    I can imagine zippo lighters being the main way fires are started long after a major TSHTF event because they are refillable,reliable and easily maintained.I recommend having many of these on hand for your own usage and barter.
  4. Swaps/Work-Alongs/Tutorials
    I have a small off grid property in Burnham, Maine. I am willing to swap a tent/camper site for a week for up to 8 hours of work on my place-- weed wacking, brush cutting/stacking, even cleaning chicken coops. I have a well, working generator, some solar. I live within walking distance of a...
1-4 of 4 Results