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  1. Introductions
    Thank you for allowing us to be a member of this community. My husband and I have a small farm in Melbourne, Arkansas where we raise cattle and chickens. Our primary products are calves, raw milk, fresh eggs, and pasture-raised beef. We bought our farm in 2016, starting out with justs 28...
  2. Cattle
    Hi y'all from Ft. Worth, Texas. Actually Arlington but I don't claim that. I was born in All Saints in Ft. Worth so I'm technically from cowtown lol. Seriously though, I have roughly 3 acres of really good grass with some woods but not much. I would like to buy one calf for slaughter. Not...
  3. Cattle
    Hi, all. I live in Vermont so, naturally, the winters will be quite cold. I'm starting my small beef herd this winter, and have 4 heifer calves that I've bought -- two born in April, and two born in June (but staying with their mothers until September before being weaned). Come September, I will...
1-3 of 3 Results