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  1. Calf won’t drink water

    I have a 2 month (approx.) Jersey calf, around 100lbs. We’re on day 4 of scours and I need help. Noticed there was an issue Monday morning (everything seemed good Sunday evening). She seemed weak, wasn’t as eager to get up as she normally is - slowly got up on her own. She drank her milk...
  2. Calf wont take calf starter

    Hi All, I have not been a farmer for many years - like many, many years! Well, here I am, trying to remember everything I learned as a kid. I have an old, tired brain. LOL. I have a 1 month old Jersey calf. It does not want to take calf starter feed. I have tried to put some in its mouth. It...
  3. Loose Minerals and Pregnant Cow

    I was wondering if I needed to add any loose minerals to my 5 year old jersey cows diet. She is due in about 4-5 weeks. I currently have a mineral block she visits regularly. My question is, do I need to add loose minerals to her diet now or after she calves? Thank you all for your advice.
  4. Bottle calfs

    Bought 4 four day old calfs from a guy yesterday who got them from the auction , eating from the bottle just fine and will get up and play with each other, 2 of them are having really running yellow diahreah with a little blood mixed in . Started giving them electrolytes and was wondering what...
  5. Calf Not Putting Pressure on Leg

    So I have an approximately 7-8 week on Holstein bull calf that we are weaning. He is not running fever and appears not to be dehydrated. We are feeding a 12% protein pellet once in the morning and access to hay all day long. He is acting lively and is able to stand. His eyes look bright and he...
  6. Electrolytes

    Can anyone recommend a paste electrolyte solution. I've been buying the packets but the mix volume is for a much larger operation than we have and we don't get it all used before it's recommended to replace it. I'm thinking paste in tubes - while more expensive per unit - would be more cost...
  7. Bottle Calf Symptoms

    Q: Age and breed of the animal. A: Three or four days, jersey bull calf (picked him up at the dairy today) Q: Temperature--normal is 100-103 A: 102.x Q: Is it dehydrated (usually in calves)? A: A little. Skin tents but doesn't remain so for very long. Q: What and how much have you been...
  8. 5 day old lowline heifer calf, drippy eyes, shallow fast breathing.

    Calf from 1st time mom. We have a herd of 5 now with her; raised out on pasture, not confined at all. We did not see the birth and we don't think the calf got enough colostrum. By the time we realized it it had been about 24hrs at which time colostrum from store was administered; she was on the...
  9. Dexter Cattle Central PA, Delivery Available

    Barter Board
    I have registered Dexter Cows from really good lines. Easy keepers. Hardy and thrifty. I can help with delivery for extra consideration. You can contact me at [email protected] I will post details below.