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  1. Salmon Fly Fishing.

    The Great Outdoors
    We had our last fishing trip of 2018 in September on the Mighty Miramichi River of NewBrunswick. We caught a few nice salmon but the water was low and warm so fishing was not great. Salmon population is on the decline so I fear the species is in trouble.
  2. Has anyone had chance to inspect one of these?

    Homestead Construction
    I was looking at how some folk were building (for themselves or to sell to others) cabins of various sizes using shipping containers, and ran across this: Has anyone seen and had chance to inspect one of these hunting cabins from this...
  3. Bought a Tiny Farm; Building a Small Log Cabin

    Homestead Construction
    Hi, all. I'm a hobby beekeeper with aspirations of doing it full time in a few years. As part of that plan, my wife and I bought a little piece of farmland and are building a small kit cabin. We're hoping to get moved there permanently in the next 6 months. I'm trying to document the build as...
  4. Cabin Ideas

    Homestead Construction
    Here is a beautiful log cabin in the hills of beautiful Cape Breton Nova Scotia Canada. I am looking at building one similar which I believe will serve as a homestead c