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  1. Cattle
    Is he ready to butcher in 30 days? Already have the appointment set.. just want to make sure hes good to go and have had 2 different opposing opinions so im here for some guidance Angus /Holstein 16 months. Been on pasture/hay and started finishing feed hes at about 5 lbs a day right now
  2. Poultry
    First time butchering turkeys- any advice? Set up, method, tools, etc? What have you learned from your past experiences? Things you wish you would've known your first time, anything you learned the hard way? I've been reading a lot of info online but honestly, I'm quite nervous. Okay...more...
  3. Poultry
    Hello, so, we are gearing up to butcher a batch of broilers in 2 weeks. We've butchered and processed on a small scale no problem, but this year we are beginning to sell frozen for retail and I'm trying to wrap my mind around the process. Our plan is to use the heat shrinking bags. My question...
1-3 of 3 Results